Your Kitchen, Our Heart & Soul – Wren

TVC 60 second film

2018 Brand Campaign

The Problem

Have you ever noticed when it comes to advertising some products all look and sound the same?  …This is especially true when it comes to Kitchens.

Wren Kitchens is  relatively new in kitchen retail and in 7 short years, they have become one of he fastest growing kitchen businesses in in he UK but heir brand is still largely unknown.

We were asked to create a campaign to build he brand and drive sales in the run up to Christmas.

The Response

The Campaign “Your Kitchen, Our Heart and Soul” started with a fun film about the love and obsession the guys at Wren genuinely have for their kitchens.

Set to the classic soft rock ballad “if you leave me now” from Chicago, it shows each employee’s emotional struggle they have when hey have to let go of their precious kitchens.

Case Study & Behind the Scenes

The Results

Our campaign struck a chord resulting in an increase of 66% in organic brand search in the 4 weeks following the campaign launch.

We continued to gain traction online with great reviews on social and on the website with in-store appointments up by 34%.

Wren’s Heart and Soul had been laid bare for their customers to see, and it was working… with more customer’s leaving with a new kitchen and an increase of 25% in sales conversion.


% Increase in brand search


% increase in in-store appointments


% Increase in sales