McDonalds – Nightwatch

Apps & Hardware
About This Project

Over 3 million Britons work night shifts and battle through long hours, tiredness and fatigue. McDonald’s many restaurants are open all night and perfectly placed to give these people a pick-me-up.

The idea

People who work during the night often struggle to stay awake and falling asleep on the job is not only a problem, in some cases it’s downright dangerous.

We developed a smartwatch app especially for McDonald’s overnight customers to help them stay awake – The Night Watch. It uses heartbeat and motion sensors in the device to detect when the wearer is starting to fall asleep and, in that crucial moment, wakes them up with an audible alarm and a vibration. To make sure they stay alert they are shown the way to their nearest McDonald’s so they can get a drink or snack to keep them going for the long night ahead