Mammon – HBO

The Controversy

Mamon is HBO’s latest European thriller, set in Prague. It was adapted from an original a Norwegian crime series because HBO saw stunning similarities between the plotline and corruption that had taken place in Czechoslovakia’s recent past.

Czech government officials had allegedly “tunneled” public assets for their own profit  as the country left communism.

Although this meant this show was highly topical and would resonate with the audience, there was also a lot of controversy and sensitivity around this new show.

The Raid

We live in a world where media companies are beholden and tightly regulated by governments. A stark illustration of this was when GCHQ raided the offices of the Guardian and destroyed laptop containing files Edward Snowden. This gave us the insight for a great PR Idea…

Rather than play down the controversy surrounding the show we would use it to launch it with a bang, by making it appear that the government didn’t want the show to air to avoid  negative public sentiment around corruption.

We planned a staged the raid in HBO’s head office in Prague, sending in armed police and government agents to remove computers and destroy hard drives. Information and video would be leaked to our influencers, journalists and social media making fuelling discussion about the show.

Influencer Engagement – Secret Bible

To invite key influencers  to the red carpet launch of the show we dropped off several secret bibles ( a religious secret pact features heavily in the show). Once  hand delivered,  the hidden phone inside rang and delivered a message from the shows lead character Petr.

Influencer Engagement – Leaked Documents

After the show aired we kept momentum and discussion around the show by giving other key influencers an info pack that was packaged to appear like leaked documents from the Central Energy – the fictional government company from Mammon. Inside were redacted documents, spy photos, a USB chip with the first episode on it and a hand written letter from the main character Petr.

The Response

The Audience loved it. Our influencers created a wealth of content promoting the show on social media and one was inspired to write an article for a national newspaper explaining how the show reflected Czech history.