Fearless, The Making of a Chicken Legend – McDonalds

Online Social Film (Directors Cut)

Who Said Chickens Can’t fly

The Brief

McDonald’s asked us to make the Chicken Legend famous and front of mind for 16-24 year old males as they were losing sales to other high street chicken restaurants.

The Idea

What would be truly legendary for this audience? How could we make the Chicken Legend live up to its name? We decided to make chickens fly in a stunt like no other. We attached the Chicken Legend to the worlds fastest RC Car and then launched it over 2 articulated lorries to create a record breaking epic piece of content.

The Stunt video was seeded out as video content and also produced as an interactive site where you could direct your own cut of the video. Click here to visit the experience

I helped develop this idea along side Adam King, Lewis Raven, Cyril Louis and Goodboy Digital.