Virgin Trains – Don’t Go Zombie

About This Project

Virgin Trains challenged us to make people chose the train over the car or plane. We needed to cause behavioural shift, shaking people out of their ingrained travel habits.


The campaign dramatises what happens to people when enduring car or plane journeys; stripping them of their humanity and turning them into zombies. By vividly bringing to life the frustration and stresses of these modes of travel. The work presents a simple choice: ‘Don’t Go Zombie, Go Virgin Trains.’ The graphic illustrative style was led by Marek Oleksicki who worked on the graphic novel adaptation of 28 Days Later.


Outdoor and radio acted to interrupt behaviour, adding greater relevance by specifically targeting traffic black spots. Press, email and online display provided longer dwell-time to deliver more detailed benefits, and the innovative ‘Don’t Go Zombie’ game on Google Street View allowed players to ‘live out’ our proposition by saving zombies from the horrors of car travel on the streets of the UK.

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