Cabioke – McDonalds

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About This Project

Christmas is the busiest time of year. All the shopping and partying can become overwhelming, tiring and stressful. McDonald’s is on every UK high street and is perfectly placed for people to take a break from the hustle and bustle.


People appreciate a little lift at Christmas so we literally gave it to them. We kitted out Hackney cabs with karaoke booths and called them the ‘McDonald’s Christmas Cab-i-okes’. They had taxi meters that used ‘vocal recognition’ to confirm that passengers were indeed ‘singing-a-long’ and rewarded them with free trips. The cabs travelled the UK spreading some Festive fun and giving people enjoyable moments of merriment with the McDonald’s brand.

Over 6 million people viewed the performances, which were heroed in a national TV campaign, and over 1 million people saw the customised cabs out and about on the streets of the UK.